The Wellness Suite™
"The Wellness Suite™ is the most immersive multisensory wellness experience available today!"
Experience SALT+ Many
No-Touch Wellness Modality Options

 Salt Therapy + Breathwork
 Salt Therapy + PEMF Therapy
Salt Therapy + Body Compression
 Salt Therapy + IV Therapy
 Salt Therapy + Red Light Therapy
 Salt Therapy + Sound & Vibration Therapy
 Salt Therapy + Guided Meditation
 Salt Therapy + Yoga & Stretch
Introducing The Wellness Suite™, the latest addition to SALT Chamber's innovative line of salt halotherapy products. As the pioneers of salt therapy, we take pride in creating a new multisensory, multi-modality, no-touch wellness experience that is second to none.

Immerse yourself in nature as The Wellness Suite™ engages all of your senses. At its core is our SALT FX Halogenerator, which disperses a very fine dry salt aerosol for unparalleled respiratory and skin wellness.
Customize Your Salt Experience
Custom Wall Décor & Seating
Customize the rear wall with Himalayan salt panels in various colors lit by LED backlights. Even add a logo or symbol.
SALT FX ® Halogenerator
Reap the benefits of dry salt therapy powered by the market leader Halogenerator. The Wellness Suite is integrated with a sound dampening cabinet and storage.
Marine Grade Acoustics
Enjoy calming stereo acoustics for audio sensory relaxation via Bluetooth enabled devices.
The Wellness Suite not only the mind and body with dry salt aerosol and sound/ vibration therapy but also employs the power of color to enhance the overall sensory experience. 
Custom finish flooring, add to the experience with options like anti-bacterial cork flooring, Himalayan salted floors, or wood.
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